Venus and Jupiter Pairing

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The planets Venus and Jupiter were seen pairing (close together linearly from a ground view). I got the opportunity to witness this once in a lifetime event on Saturday, 23rd November 2019. The visibility of these two planets was seen in the South-West part of Sakumono, Tema-Ghana. With the help of my SkyViewLite App, I was able to detect the planets with ease.

I barely sleep at night so I love to stargaze. I use the SkyViewLite App to learn about the stars in the sky. You can get it on your Apple or Andriod device today. Scroll down to find the download link to your device.

Below are some pictures I took during the pairing.

Venus is the brightest star below due to its proximity to earth. Shot with iPhone 6 Plus.

Pairing 2
Watching with the #SkyViewLite App. One of the best app for Astronomers and Stargazers. You can see the trajectory of the two planets. The blue line from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner.

As you can see in the picture above, the SkyView Lite App makes it easy for me with a 3D representation of the two planets pairing (Venus and Jupiter) with Saturn lurking above.

Shared these pics on the Space group on Facebook and I was surprised to see the reactions. Check the screenshot below.

The red box.

Get the SkyView Lite App today. After installation and configuring the app on your phone, launch the app and point your camera to any star in the sky.
Details of that star will appear at the bottom of the screen which you can learn more about that star.

Get the SkyViewLite App here for IOS

Get the SkyViewLite App here for Andriod

When will this happen again?

Venus-Jupiter conjunctions happen relatively often. The two planets appeared to be 2.5º apart in the pre-dawn sky back on January 22, 2019, though there are no close conjunctions of the two planets happening in 2020. The next close planet pairing is on December 11, when Venus and Saturn will be just 1.8º apart, though a much rarer event is set for December 21, 2020, when giant planets Jupiter and Saturn will appear to be super-close in the early evening night sky. A similar event (where two outer planets appear close together in the night sky) won’t happen again until 2040.
According to Yahoo!

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