31st night

Why Resolutions Die After 31st Night

Time seems to be the commonest resource every individual possesses but the reality is that it is also the scarcest and most important of all resources....

Wisdom Nuggets with Prophet Bernard El Bernard

8 KEYS TO AN EFFECTIVE MINISTRY. @pixabay 1ST SAMUEL 3. How you are able...

Recorded ages in the Holy Bible

Below are the recorded ages in a Holy Bible. Using the New Living Translations (NLT), I developed this list to help readers especially those who teach Sunday...
Time Management

How to Manage Your Time

How to manage your time gives some suggestions and tools to help you to be effective for productivity and self-improvement. Time management is...
plane land

Watching a plane land

Upclose, Watching an Emirate airline land at Kotoka International Airport from the rooftop of Oak Plaza Hotel, Accra- Ghana. An awesome view.
The Purpose Compass Book

The Purpose Compass Book

The Purpose Compass Book Career development is a major issue in Africa. What about living a happy and...